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A strong and independent partner

We are an owner-operated, non-bank affiliated investment company responsible for managing the Ethna Funds. The assets actively managed by our Portfolio Management Team are spread across our three funds – the Ethna-DEFENSIV, the Ethna-AKTIV and the Ethna-DYNAMISCH.

Our team has extensive experience in the fund industry. Each one of us plays an active role in structuring the future of the funds entrusted to us through a flexible and customised service portfolio.

Not only do we have considerable know-how and in-depth market knowledge, but we are also supported by a stable network of renowned experts from the fund industry. We have developed a strong partnership with our custodian bank DZ PRIVATBANK S.A., a member of the Association of Cooperative Banks, and Ernst & Young S.A. acts as our audit and accounting firm.

Some key facts about us

4.28 billion euro

The amount of assets our Portfolio Management Team actively manages (as of 30/09/2019).


The number of countries in which our funds are currently distributed.

10 years

The anniversary that the Ethna-DYNAMISCH, our youngest fund, will celebrate in 2019.


The number of Portfolio Managers who actively manage the assets you have invested with us.

OUR Philosophy

Our guiding principles

At the core of our business is managing and safeguarding the fund assets entrusted to us. As an investment company, we know that we are accountable to our partners and our investors. That is why all of our actions are guided by the values underlying the Ethna Funds. For us, diligence, integrity, foresight, sustainability, responsibility and partnership are the key to long-term success. With our expertise, our commitment, our know-how, and our service focus, we support our clients in achieving their investment goals.


Investing responsibly

Our commitment to provide our clients with responsible investment solutions that offer competitive and sustainable returns is reflected in all of our investment policies, processes, and practices. We also make it our aim not to invest in companies involved in any of the following areas...



Although the tobacco industry has always been a profitable investment, many investors are concerned that the industry’s societal costs significantly outweigh its benefits. That’s why we signed the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge in January 2019.



Armaments, in particular civilian firearms, is an incredibly polarising topic. At ETHENEA, we have decided not to invest in any company that, as a significant part of its publicly declared business, is involved in this area.


Food speculation

Speculation on staple foods such as wheat, maize, and soy, results in significant price fluctuations and leaves millions starving and facing increasing poverty. Therefore, we have made a conscious decision not to invest in any companies involved in food speculation.


Human dignity

In today’s society, increasingly more attention is being given to the prevention of sexual exploitation. Therefore, for ethical reasons, ETHENEA has chosen not to invest in companies whose core business is in the adult entertainment industry.


We are always proud to be able to support good causes

We are continually inspired by people who take an opportunity and turn it into something great. But, because opportunities are not available to everyone, we are currently working on paving the way towards a better future for children and young people. This is something that is near and dear to us.


The future of the children is our great concern

Bethanien Kinderdorf in Eltville

ETHENEA supports the Bethanien Kinderdorf Eltville in Rheingau. "The future of the children is our great concern – they need to be protected and supported", says Luca Pesarini, founder of ETHENEA and one of the Lead Portfolio Managers of the Ethna-AKTIV. In order to provide children and adolescents with an even better level of care, ETHENEA is investing in their future.


Increasing children’s social and emotional competence

Roots of Empathy

Empathy, or being able to put yourself in someone else’s position, is a key part of a strong and healthy society. That is why ETHENEA is proud to support the Roots of Empathy program.


Tireless commitment to the health of people in distress.

Médecins Sans Frontières

Not everyone has access to medical care. To counter this deplorable state of affairs, ETHENEA is committed financially to the aid organisation Médecins Sans Frontières. "Unfortunately, many people cannot take advantage of their right to good health care. The doctors and helpers of Médecins Sans Frontières fight tirelessly for the improvement of this situation. With our support, we also wish to contribute to improve this situation and make medical assistance on site possible", says Chairman of the Board of ETHENEA Luca Pesarini.


Bringing joy to those who need it most

Île aux Clowns

ETHENEA is pleased to support the great work carried out by the Île aux Clowns. Île aux Clowns aims to bring laughter and joy to people in difficult situations. The bright and cheerful clowns help improve the quality of life of both children and the elderly, in hospital or any other social facility. They ease the burden on support staff by bringing comic relief and strengthening the partnership between the caregiver, the dependant person and their loved ones.