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What sets us apart

Our investment philosophy

Capital preservation and achieving stable returns over the long term are key components of our investment philosophy. So in every investment decision we make, we take all potential risks into account. With this risk-conscious and loss-minimisation investment approach, we offer stability and control over volatility.

We act transparently

In addition to timing, the performance of the Ethna Funds depends on achieving the right balance of asset classes in any market situation. This is something we regularly review and adjust when necessary.

We avoid unnecessary risks thanks to balanced investment strategies, incorporating a broad diversification of our portfolio across different sectors and asset classes. We also aim to achieve a low level of volatility.

When making investment decisions, we follow a systematic and verifiable process using objective criteria to determine asset class weightings and individual security selection.

We take responsibility

Each of our investment decisions is based on a high level of risk awareness, the goal of preserving the assets entrusted to us, and achieving stable returns over the long-term.

We not only manage the money invested with us as if it were our own, but also treat it with as much care as if the investor had handed us their entire liquid funds. Capital preservation is always our highest priority – as it is the difficult years that determine whether an investment is successful in the long term.

We decide independently

In our daily activities, we are independent from banks and financial institutions. Third-party market opinions and benchmarks are irrelevant for the composition of our portfolios. Instead, our experts’ continuously updated market analyses and forecasts are decisive, allowing us to quickly introduce new information and findings into our investment decisions.

Portfolio Management team

Quality meets continuity

The continuous development of an investment demands a consistent investment strategy. We have a team of proven investment experts with many years’ experience in both the financial sector and asset management. Based on an independent and team-oriented approach, our portfolio managers always take investment decisions jointly.

Independent. Responsible. Transparent.

Working in close cooperation, our Portfolio Management team decides on the combination and weighting of the individual asset classes and invests strategically in promising assets – always in the best interests of investors. Based on continuously updated market forecasts, we can take steps to ensure that the respective economic cycle, monetary and fiscal policy, growth dynamics and the political environment are taken into account.

This enables us to maintain an independent, consistent and verifiable investment policy over many years, in which transparency and openness to investors have top priority.