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Press release

ETHENEA and MAINFIRST start 2019 with a new distribution support company

Munsbach, 09. January 2019 – ETHENEA Independent Investors S.A. and MAINFIRST Asset Management are consolidating their distribution support in a newly formed company. This new company, FENTHUM S.A., headquartered in Luxembourg, unites the Business Development Services (BDS) of ETHENEA and MAINFIRST under one roof. FENTHUM will assume responsibility for the distribution support activities for both asset managers with immediate effect.

"With FENTHUM, we are creating synergies and combining existing competencies," says Thomas Bernard, CEO of ETHENEA Independent Investors S.A.. "We are pleased that this has generated added value for our investors in the area of customer service. The independence of both asset managers will be completely safeguarded. FENTHUM will only provide distribution support; the portfolio management of ETHENEA will not be affected."

The merger of the BDS teams will result in advantages at both the country and client level, as well as in the areas of product range, service, resources, client contact, and market presence. Both asset managers have established BDS teams, but have so far focused on regionally different markets and client groups. FENTHUM now unites these local teams and their respective expertise. By consolidating the distribution support in the individual countries, the BDS teams will be strengthened in terms of personnel and can consequently reach a larger client base and offer them an optimised service.

"The combined product range from ETHENEA and MAINFIRST offers the ideal choice of portfolio solutions for each client profile," says Dominic Nys, Executive Director and Global Head of Business Development at FENTHUM S.A.. "With the larger and more diverse team, we can provide the best possible client service. FENTHUM will support ETHENEA and MAINFIRST in offering existing clients an even better service and win over new clients with an attractive range of funds.”

All three companies, MAINFIRST Asset Management, ETHENEA and FENTHUM, are majority-owned by Haron Holding. With the formation of FENTHUM, the three sister companies will focus even more strongly on their core business: a broad range of asset management solutions with excellent client service.