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Tireless commitment to the health of people in distress

Not everyone has access to medical care. To counter this deplorable state of affairs, ETHENEA is committed financially to the aid organisation Médecins Sans Frontières.

Many people cannot take advantage of their right to good health care and the doctors and helpers of Médecins Sans Frontières fight tirelessly for the improvement of this situation. Through our support, ETHENEA also wants to contribute to improving this situation and making medical assistance on site possible.

The international organisation, founded in 1971, aims to provide medical care to people in need regardless of their origin and religious or political beliefs. At the same time, the organisation draws public attention to the situation of these people and creates an increasing public awareness against violence and abuse of power. As a humanitarian medical organisation, Médecins Sans Frontières stands up for a high-quality and efficient healthcare in around 70 countries worldwide, in which the survival of human beings is at risk due to conflicts, epidemics or natural disasters. Although the organisation primarily provides medical assistance, they also pursue other for the health important topics such as clean drinking water, food or accommodation. With the donation of ETHENEA, Médecins Sans Frontières can continue to take care of patients in distress, vaccinate populations at high risk of infection, assist birth and treat malnourished children.