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Have you made any other transactions on the same fund during the year?



Number of shares held end of


Dividend income is (Part 1, Vak VII. A. 2. b., 1°)


Interest income is (Part 1, Vak VII. A. 2. b., 1°)


This calculator takes the reform of the Belgian tax system introduced in January 2018 into account, so that no other calculations are required. It is possible that the share class you have selected has not accrued any tax-relevant dividend or interest income during the period specified. In this case, the result shown corresponds to = 0.


The transparency approach adopted by the fund is based on the ruling practice set out in Ruling 2014.121, dated 15 April, 2014.


This tool does not constitute tax advice and is limited to offer assistance in computing the income. This does not exempt you to work with diligence and make the necessary checks which are per your responsibility. The results shown by the simulator are a result from the data you provide and your input.