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Good health care is invaluable and unfortunately not always a given.

That is why ETHENEA, through the association "Friends of Carina", supports Dr Carina Vetye's slum pharmacy in the poor neighbourhood of Villa Zagala in Buenos Aires.

Dr Carina Vetye's pharmacy is the only place where thousands of local people have access to essential medication. In addition to that, Carina and her team helps to provide medical treatment and education on issues such as nutrition, hygiene, dental care, and contraception, making a vital contribution to health and prevention.

Carina Vetye is not only the founder of the pharmacy, but she is also its heart, motor and hub, as described on the association's website.  She leads the teams, takes care of prevention and training, and manages cooperation with the stakeholders. She cares deeply about the local population, who have gained hope and quality of life thanks to Carina's efforts, and for whom the pharmacy has opened up new opportunities.

ETHENEA is proud to support this fantastic project with donations.