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Rettet die Elefanten Afrikas e.V.

Elephants have a special meaning for ETHENEA: the grey giants are more than just a symbol, they also embody our values such as reliability, steadfastness, and strength. Despite their impressive size, elephants are an endangered species. ETHENEA aims to contribute to the protection of their natural habitat and to enable humans and animals to live together.

We are delighted to have found a partner in Rettet die Elefanten Afrikas e.V. (REA) to help protect these unique creatures. The association works with various organisations on the ground in Africa. Our donation this year will go to the Wildlife Action Group (WAG).

The WAG was established and registered in Malawi in 1994 as a non-profit and non-governmental organisation. Malawi is one of the world's poorest countries, and around 80 per cent of the population are living from agriculture. Most of them work as smallholder farmers in rural areas that include protected areas such as wildlife and forest reserves. Unlike in the past, protected areas are no longer fenced off and shielded, as it has been recognised that this leads to the fragmentation of ecosystems.

To ensure the protection of wildlife and local people, WAG employs its own scouts, who are also trained on the spot. The work is organised hand in hand with the local community. Employment as a WAG scout is very attractive to people. They receive sound training, a pension scheme, and an above-average income. This enables them to feed their families and provide their children with education and medical care. They make a direct contribution to the conservation of nature and are given a perspective for their future.

ETHENEA supports the Wildlife Action Group's tireless work to protect the reserves and the elephants by funding the running costs and equipment (e.g. boots or vehicles) of the scouts.

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